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    Join us in the learning journey and experience of tasting the finest and rarest of whiskies by the dram by subscribing monthly at an affordable rate!

    Every month, you will receive a custom made wooden barrel with our logo burnt in by hand, with 4 drams of premium whiskies paired together with our Whisky Master booklet which contain our very own "Whiskypedia" and tasting notes of the whiskies!

    To top it all off, all subscribers will get exclusive discounts within each subscription to purchase the retail sized bottle if the taste is a match for you, to have it delivered within the HOUR!

    ○ Control your subscription at any time by logging into the members area

    ○ Receive 4 x 20ml amazing whisky samples each month

    ○ Full tasting notes and information are included in our Whisky Master Booklet

    ○ Included "Whiskypedia" within the Whisky Master Booklet to learn and experience the world of whisky with us

    ○ FREE Delivery

    ○ Exclusive invitation to Whisky Master events

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